MacKenzie Baker is an illustrator who has lived on the West coast her entire life, first in Seattle, then in San Francisco and now Portland. She works mostly with traditional media but has a good knowledge of digital media as well.

Her harsh and unapologetic mark making is what makes her work stand out, with a majority of her work being in black and white, the lines and marks created with ragged tipped brushes evokes an emotional and human quality. MacKenzie is well versed in the human figure and face having spent much of her life drawing and painting portraits, her knowledge of human anatomy and facial structure allows her to successfully contort and cartoonize the human form while having it remain recognizable and accessible to the average consumer.
MacKenzie enjoys taking things in the world around her and making them more personal, rougher rawer and more primal. Mark making is her primary concern and her love of black brush tip markers as well as acrylic paint help her to continue to change the ordinary into something to be considered or viewed again anew. MacKenzie Baker currently lives alone in Portland, Oregon with her thoughts and ever consuming existential dread.

Check out this project I worked on!

  • Pompadore By Mackenzie Baker, Artist


    An 8 in x 10.5 in mixed media illustration of a character from my comic Bleary. The illustration itself was meant to be an abstraction of a typical comic book panel, exploring how a character would interact in a loose more free form space, while still adhering to some typical comic book motifs.

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